10 Ways to Stay Focused While Working Remotely

Are you working from Home? Are you new to the concept of working remotely, or are finding it difficult to stay focused?

Have a Dedicated Workspace Find a place where you know you can work from for the day, and try to stick to working from that spot. While some people are able to prop themselves up and start from bed. For most- This spot should be associated with work, deadlines, meetings –It could be your study table, your dinning table etc. Try and ensure the movements of other members of the household don’t disturb you.

Dress for Success
You do not need to wear your suit or a work dress at home. But you should definitely change out of the pyjamas to physically feel ready to start afresh day.

Waking up and getting ready sets the mood and tone for the day. If you were going to the office, you would’ve done the same – so why not now? Being ready for work, physically, will put you in the right mindset. Having a routine before you get started with work will definitely help build focus through the day, as you will be psychologically conditioning yourself to be productive.

We’ve heard stories where people have ‘day pyjamas’ when there are no video meetings scheduled-go with what comes naturally to you!

Avoid Procrastination
It is difficult to work from home due to the many distractions that we can not control. Try to eliminate as many distractions as you can. If you have a child in the house, try to keep the door closed to avoid disturbing your conference meetings. If you feel that you get carried away while using social media – then shut off the internet for a while. Elimination distractions that you can control will allow you to increase your focus and will make you productive. Easier said than done- share a comment with a trick that may help other viewers too!

Create and adhere to a schedule
Try to create and stick to a schedule for yourself.  Its better to identify hours of the day you are; and can be the most productive- and to dedicate those hours to your hardest tasks. If you work better at night, allow your work schedule to fit accordingly – and make sure you and your colleagues are aware of each other’s availability.

Take help of digital tools to make your day easier. Consider using apps like Trello, that will help you automate your schedule and list your remaining to-do’s visually. If you feel that you get distracted quickly, you may try apps/tools that track the time you take to complete a task. This will put your productivity in perspective for you. Do you have an experience to share?

Schedule a consistent group meet
Whether your team catches up in the morning or twice a day – doing so, will help you gain perspective of how much others are doing and how much is expected of you. It is a good way to stay on track and to also voice and concerns/questions you may have. Daily meet ups also help you stay accountable to your deliverables, which will encourage you to take ownership and complete your task in time. 

Set daily goals
When you set daily goals, it helps you organize your day and will keep you focused on achieving those milestones. If you prefer having a more immediate goal – you could divide your day in two. Set a number of things you need to get done in the first half of the day, and figure out whether it’s worth splitting the day in to harder and easier tasks, or alternating between them.

Know when to stop working
Working from home comes with the trouble of being able to balance household activity. And whether its cleaning up our house or working on a project, we often do tend to get carried away – which we must avoid. It may be tempting to get some extra working done just before you go to bed, or just after dinner – but don’t do this. Create a barrier between your work and personal life is important to keep yourself fresh and more focused while you work. If you don’t create a distinction, you may burn out and be exhausted over time. Jack Ma and Elon Musk may have the opposite to say, and if you’re from that school of thought- we salute you!

Enjoy breaks
Take breaks from your work, and don’t feel guilty! Just make sure your breaks are short, and you disengaged from work during that time. A lunch break is definitely an important break that you should be taking. You may have your meals with family instead of sitting alone alone at your table. Studies show that you enjoy meals more if you are mindful while eating.

Get face time with your colleagues
Interaction and communication with your colleagues through the time you work is a good way to stay focused. Giving constant check ins and also catching up on what they are upto will give you a better idea of how your pace is too. Hearing what others have been doing will also encourage you to keep up with you task and help you manage your day better.  

We hope these suggestions help you, and that incorporating them in to your day becomes easier too.
This was ‘10 Ways to Stay Focused While Working Remotely’ and we look forward to you sharing a comment with your experience or thoughts as well.

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