We look forward to SuperStartUps Awards 2020 with new and returning partners and sponsors, a bigger platform for recognition, and as always- the interactive and engaged community that has supported and grown with us so far.

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Fireside Chat on the Importance of Research for Startups

A fireside chat session between Amitesh Mullick and Shubhangi Mehta examining topics on online and offline research, how a good research backing helps in investor meetings, the need for research in stages of a brand, product, and service development and more.

India-Singapore Corridor

A session led by Mr. Puneet Pushkarna, Chairman, TIE Singapore, spoke about Singapore corridors being open for Indian Startups supported by ample instances on how investors are looking forward to investing in India.

Capital Raising- Deserve before you Desire

A charismatic speaker, Mr. Manish Bansal, CEO SME Value Advisors and a visiting faculty ISB, IIM & IIT, with his succinct presentation enthralled everyone with deep insights on raising capital. An interactive session that gave the audience an understanding of how important it is to have belief and passion in not just your idea but also yourself.

You are Your Best Investment

Mr. Shivjeet Kullar, Founder, NFX Digital paid his last respect to Mr. VG Siddhartha, Founder, Café Coffee Day, who had passed away during the time. He took the opportunity to portray the silver lining in each one’s life by breaking down every letter of the phrase ‘Café Coffee Day’.

Opportunity in the Land of the Rising Sun

The fireside chat session between Masaaki Tokuyama San , CEO Anchor Z Japan and Mr. Sameer Chowdhery, VP Dmm.com. During the chat, we learned about Tokuyama San’s life, his view on the Indian startup scene, and how Japan is going global.

How PR can help startups build a brand

The need of PR for every company is no matter big or small and Mr. Rahul Vaidyanathan, VP Weber Shandwick mentioned how Weber Shandwick is the one stop destination to help you achieve your goals, which is their goal indeed. The one striking takeaway from this session was how Weber Shandwick does not only build communication which are led by campaigns but their sole aim to build a PURPOSE.

Live Million Dollar Pitch

The startups selected by industry experts got a momentous opportunity to present a 3 Minute elevator pitch which was judged by the Chairman of TiE Singapore, Mr. Puneet Pushkarna. The winner of this intense, neck to neck competition along with all the gold winners, got an opportunity to fly to Singapore to pitch in front of Singaporean Investors.

Making your (legal) life easier: what can startups do to avoid pitfalls and ensure compliance

Mr. Sujoy Bhatia, Partner J Sagar Associates, emphasised about the legalities and legitimacies of what any company should always consider. Mr. Bhatia gave a very transparent picture of the legal risks a startup can face, the advantages a legal firm can provide, a brief about IPR and how JSA has helped several companies become legitimate and carefree about law, once partnered with them.

Challenges of growth and fundraising

The panel discussion led by Mr. Shivjeet Kullar with Mr. Puneet Pushkarna, Mr. Manav Mehra ( WealthEdge), Mr. Sunil Pathak (CKO WealthEdge) and Mr. Vedant Kanoi (Co- Founder Food Cloud) was based on the various challenges that companies face to grow and fundraising limitations. The Deal, the Deck and the Decision- how does a VC take the deal offered by one startup? How can one startup effectively present their pitch deck? And how can both VC and startup come to the right decision of partnering with each other?