The Carmelite nuns, together with the Church and other religious Orders, suffered from the changes in history, but they remained faithful to the charism of Carmel. Enclosed religious orders or cloistered clergy are religious orders whose members strictly separate themselves from the affairs of the external world. POOR CLARES: The Order of Saint Clare is an order of religious women founded by Saint Francis of Assisi and his loyal companion Saint Clare of Assisi.It can be said that Saint Clare complimented Saint Francis, but not in the way that most would expect. Another description (also on the MUBI website) of contemplative cinema suggests there are 4 criteria that distinguish this genre: plotlessness; wordlessness; slowness; alienation. In the Catholic Church, enclosure is regulated by the code of canon law, either the Latin code or the Oriental code, and also by the constitutions of the specific order. Perhaps the courage to embrace emptiness is not unlike the courage to embrace loneliness. 1; Just one definition for contemplative order . Surely there is value in this. This is a list "in motion" as some films will be dropped, particularly when a director is represented by more than one film, in favour of new films by previously unrepresented directors. 6. The List is still a work in progress, I’ll add more when they come to mind, and of course, suggestions would be welcome. Find more ways to say contemplative, along with related words, antonyms and example phrases at, the world's most trusted free thesaurus. Pema Chodron in her classic book When Things Fall Apart postulates that: . _____ I could keep going with a longer list, but I wanted to start this with a list that’s short enough to be digestible. Made by fans in Auckland, New Zealand. I have seen all of the movies listed here and have written reflections on most of them, which show up as a "Review". [4] The distinctions between the Christian terms monk, nun, friar, Brother, and Sister are sometimes easily blurred because some orders (such as the Dominicans or Augustinians) include nuns who are enclosed, who are usually grouped as the Second Order of that movement, and religious sisters. Wordlessness ensures a generosity of silence. Alienation involves disconnectedness, solitude, emptiness, melancholy, even fatalism, hopelessness, and despair._________________________________. Yet it also seems that there are some films that more readily support a contemplative viewing experience than others. Try out some of these films. Our modern world has little time or space for reflection, meditation and quiet contemplation. Where Saint Francis was an introvert and contemplative at heart, Saint Clare was a zealous missionary and extrovert. The Contemplative Outreach Ltd. website featuring Thomas Keating’s teachings, provides further insight into the method of Contemplative Prayer and lists the guidelines to practice it. A.A. = Augustinians of the Assumption, Assumptionists This site is protected by reCAPTCHA and the Google privacy policy and terms of service apply. Patheos Contemplative is a forum for the whole contemplative community. A tree is an organic, living being. How to use contemplative in a sentence. Contemplation has always held a most important place in the Church and our Order, but perhaps today it is more necessary than ever before to the Church, to the Order, and to Society. Sisters of the Order of St. See more. Although the English word nun is often used to describe all Christian women who have joined religious institutes, strictly speaking, women are referred to as nuns only when they live in papal enclosure; otherwise, they are religious sisters. 1873, John Stuart Mill, Autobiography, Chapter 5: 1.1.1. 25 examples: Mostly the songs are slow, still, ecstatically contemplative, extended in their… Contemplative cinema can be challenging for viewers who look primarily to their movies as a form of escape from real life.