#l5����ڕy���-6��J�I!IHӍ��&t����/N���Du#���.��~�{��>�}��~��͑\��#7��H�W�0%Z�D�D���j�ab���4&L�(A^��[���x��׍+u��yU-���S�Қ�$U�*Xd/kB���dKG>~gkSE���E�� �,�j�:B �V�M�.�J����]8c�U�飍/zS#W�9v����f���=�bW%�W��rK��N��LYv���h3�5����Bbר�^7��foK[����#�i�f����������6��~�mti�}=���Oǽ�L�P���v[P|/�. Every 120-volt circuit that powers lights in a typical home has two conducting wires and a ground. This three-piece set can be slid on to any location on your Rigid Industries LED light bar to absorb harmonic distortion from the fluting of the extruded heat sink fins in your LED light bar. These 6-inch-wide lights, being street legal, were perfect for mounting just above the cowling and below the windshield on the Jeep’s A-pillar. Length, Kit Part Number: RGD-40196 We used the Jeep’s OEM switch and wiring system for the fog lights and added three switches for the light bar and driving lights, one of which came with the light kit. If you don’t like the amber back light, you have a choice from five colors: amber, blue, green, red, and white. Most driving lights will come in a kit of two lights, fitting hardware, and a wiring loom. With the company headquarters and manufacturing plant in Phoenix, AZ, we enjoyed working with fellow Arizonians to outfit our 2005 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited Rubicon with all the lighting it’ll need for the foreseeable future. Light bars don't draw very much amperage, hence you could hook up plenty more to one harness. Finally got some time to do the install of the Rigid Industries D2 lights, both spot and flood were setup. We applied a pair of amber lenses to these lights to aid the visuals during bad weather driving. Connecting Multiple LED Strips To Power Source. h�bbd```b``�"}@$S1�� �;-�$�f0� endstream endobj startxref When the bulb goes out in a string of holiday lights, it creates an open circuit in the wiring. Well seeing how you can hook up a 50 inch light bar to a single wiring harness, you can hook up a single row 10 inch + a double row 30 inch without exceeding amps. Now, when we’re driving down the highway with no opposing traffic, we flip up the toggle and now we can control the cowl lights with just the high beam lever, which makes night driving much less stressful. �\fO ��.�ȍ�@�?�H�\��f�، ��&[�H��`q0��,n"-e��6 RuB �%B�`���"� 3m������H�� �/D�md=�b���;���"A�u�� �C��w-� RIGID 360-Series family of LED lights are the most robust and useful round lights on the market. Wiring a 3 Way Switch with Multiple Lights In this circuit, two light fixtures are shown but more can be added by duplicating the wiring arrangement between the fixtures for each additional light. Since the turn-of-the-century models, there are few locations on a Jeep’s dash for switches, so we chose the blank panels adjacent to the locker and overdrive switches. Cut the wires from the ballast. Requirements for Wiring Outlets and Lighting. Combining its full width and the combination of flood and spot lights gives you one hell of a “bubble of radiance”. �v����o0{6��0 �'�t��U�BNDJ�M����>e�ϡ"E���c �A��� 3��c`���-W x*+� Wiring Instructions for Auxiliary switches Start by wiring all strips or strings of lights together. Nearly sixteen thousand lumens illuminate a huge swath of ground in front of your Jeep. We chose amber background lighting for the overhead light bar because we feel it complements the orange paint on the Jeep and almost appears orange when on the Jeep. 10 0 obj <> endobj Bedroom AFCI Circuit For bedrooms this circuit must be AFCI protected which requires special planning. 3. 1 Piece. Secure the black wire to the negative battery terminal or any suitable ground. We didn’t have the room for the other two switches so we used toggle switches in which lights indicate when they’re on. The hot and neutral terminals on each fixture are spliced with a pigtail to the circuit wires which then continue on to the next light. Attach the eyelet at the end of the red wire to the positive terminal of your battery or to any I 2V DC source. h�b``�g``�e``�\ɀ Also you’ll probably need to order one or more sets of the Rigid Industries LED Light Bar Resonance Damper (SKU40280/$15). Each LED light kit—except for the overhead light bar—from Rigid Industries comes with a mounting bracket, a complete wiring loom, a switch, and a relay (if needed). Even though Rigid supplies mounts with their light kits, we still had to make and attach adapter mounts between the Jeep and the LEDs. All necessary wiring, relay, and switch were included in this kit, but they were not used since we utilized the OEM circuits. The circuit may be … Below is the list of lights we chose for this Jeep. The pair features a 20-degree flood pattern, 50,000+ hour LED lifespan, instant on/off with no warm up, over/under voltage protection, cast aluminum housing, polycarbonate lens, and integrated thermal management. It can be mounted anywhere from the A-pillars to the bumpers and is extremely durable. One wire will come from the light, the other from the main electrical circuit of your house. Wire Multiple Strips Of Lights Together. Rigid mounting brackets were designed and tested assuming the light is installed in the horizontal direction. Remove the harness leading to your headlight housing and move your test light probe to each pin until power is found with the high beam switch turned to the “on” position. Rigid Industries LED Lights have a variable voltage input range of 9-36 DC. )� �"�$'��l�~�C��9kH3��"YO��"Ayq�81[F� ��{L�MK�����h�IG�#�,���LI7"�6�̖�ޮ��E�r�ԥ~E��ae� Lights will have a pair of red and black wires coming from them. Browse our search our large inventory to find electrical parts and wiring kits made by top manufacturers such as Hella, Lightforce, Putco, Pro Comp, Rigid … They are assembled in the USA. < �Y�����!9牑%�.���vяwT�����9N'^��=8�=���xx�I�A?j�U��JB=��_mG�;laF��q'I�/��c���^},5N�V3�hA�ե,���q�����B9`s��,�4��>�M(V]��`1 In trying to illustrate how well these lights fill the trails and highways with light, we found that it is extremely difficult to take photos that show what these lights can accomplish. Disengage the wires by twisting the wiring cap until it comes free. Using tan wire connector for line and orange wire connector for neutral. Adapt E-Series The RIGID Adapt E-Series takes off-road lighting performance to a whole new level with two layers of adaptive response to your vehicle and driving conditions. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. 4. It uses a narrow, oval-shaped reflector that projects both spot and flood beam patterns at the same time. We’ll explain below how each was wired into the system, and why we did it that way. It pulls 278.7 watts and 19.9 amps while pushing out almost 16,000 thousand lumens (15,876, to be exact)! This image shows high beams, grille-mounted driving lights (6,192 lumens), and cowl-mounted driving lights (10,560 lumens). We used two sets along with the recommended silicone paste, but still experience whistling in certain conditions. In other words, the fog lights can’t be used when the high beams are on. When installing multiple lights, fusing should be adjusted to match. AkRyan, Dec 26, 2014 #3 Rigid offers lights for almost every application, from white marine lights to black off-road lights. There are a few caveats, however. Because the L-brackets use only the one piece of metal on the A-pillar we used special bolts. You may need a good shop manual with electrical circuit diagrams should you decide to go this same route, or you could use the existing cables. If you will be installing recessed lighting, the wiring will have to be done in series for multiple light fixtures. ���oW��K����!�4ypv�� ���oW�Bmo�}���7Ͼ����v�����˽)���� *��� :���5���]]s Here are the instructions for installation of your new Rigid Lights. 0 1. We stock wiring components from the most trusted automotive electrical brands and offer complete lighting kits for sale. They also feature a 20-degree flood pattern, instant on/off with no warm up, over/under voltage protection, cast aluminum housing, polycarbonate lens, and integrated thermal management, and are also assembled in the USA. Rigid Industries Jeep JL Fog Mount Kit For 18-20 Jeep JL Sport/Sport S W/1 Set 360-Series 4.0 Inch SAE Yellow Lights RIGID Industries from $599.99 Rigid Industries 20 Inch Adapt Light Bar Adapt RIGID … The special bolts required a pair of wrenches to fully seat. Rigid Industries 40196 - Rigid Industries D2 LED Light Wiring Harnesses Wiring Harness, LED Light Bar, Pair D2 Series, 14 ft. As we get older, our eyes age right along with our other muscles. Most newer LED holiday lights are wired as parallel circuits. (page -Dually Fog Lights w/Brackets. ! The Rugged Ridge tubular bumper provided protected mounting tabs at frame height. Required fields are marked *. I have a light bar that came with a wiring harness and switch. In this image we’ve added the overhead light bar (15,876 lumens) to the lights listed in the previous photo. After replacing some of the OEM hinge bolts, we remounted the hinges and then attached the mounts. %%EOF This is where you really want to say, “Let there be light!” every time you flip the toggle switch up because energizing this Radiance light bar is like touching off a mini-sun!