At the same time the Austrians evacuated the Legations and Cardinal Milesi, the papal representative, departed. sentence examples. An army of cosmopolitan adventurers, led by the Cardinal Caesarini, joined the 1 The dream of a Crusade to Jerusalem survived de Mezieres; a society which read "romaunts" of the Crusades, could not but dream the dream. 3. They ordered 18 sandwiches. People, however, persisted in the belief that the queen had used the countess as an instrument to satisfy her hatred of the cardinal de Rohan. Cardinal Richelieu is plotting against Q 3. This nomination was accompanied with an intimation that more was in store for him, and that steps would be taken to provide for him the income, viz., 3000 ducats, which was necessary to qualify for the cardinal's hat. P. Gachard, Mimoire historique sur les Bollandistes (Brussels, 1835); van Hecke, " De ratione operis Bollandiani (A eta Sanctorum Octobris, vii. The Catholic Encyclopedia, Volume 3: Brownson-Clairvaux (Land's ed. To humble the Habsburgs he aided the Protestant princes of Germany against the emperor, in spite of the strong opposition of the disappointed Catholic party in France, which had looked to the cardinal as a champion of the faith. He was created cardinal in 1536 by Paul III. Consecrated titular archbishop of Heraclea in 1885, he returned to Madrid as nuncio, but was shortly afterwards created cardinal and appointed to the papal secretaryship of state. JOACHIM DU BELLAY (c. 1522-1560), French poet and critic, member of the Pleiade, was born 1 at the château of La Turmeliere, not far from Lire, near Angers, being the son of Jean du Bellay, seigneur de Gonnor, cousin-german of the cardinal Jean du Bellay and of Guillaume du Bellay. 2. Example sentences with the word cardinal-virtues. In later times it was renowned for its richly endowed university, founded by Cardinal Jimenes de Cisneros in 1510, which at the height of its prosperity numbered 12,000 students, and was second only to that of Salamanca. ), and some good terra cottas by the Della Robbia. 20 examples: He did, however, start off with the right credentials to become a major… Cambridge Dictionary +Plus. (adjective) A cardinal rule; cardinal sins. Another word for cardinal. Thus the rational number one, which we will denote by ' r, is not the cardinal number I; for t r is the relation I/I as defined above, and is thus a relation holding between certain pairs of cardinals. In Paris he was still in the employ of the cardinal, who delegated to him the lay patronage which he still retained in the diocese. He is a good man. de Berulle et les Carmelites; Le Pre de Berulle et l'oratoire de Jesus; Le Cardinal de Berulle et Richelieu (3 vols., 1872-1876), by the Abbe M. Petronio; and in 1562, by order of Pius IV., the university itself was constructed close by, by Carlo Borromeo, then cardinal legate. The cardinal Giovanni de' Medici, who was present at the battle of Ravenna, brought a Spanish army into Tuscany. He became the financier of his party, preached unceasingly his cardinal doctrines of simplicity and economy, and was an effective critic of the measures of government. 2. Out of these cookies, the cookies that are categorized as necessary are stored on your browser as they are essential for the working of basic functionalities of the website. The operations of addition and multiplication of two given cardinal numbers can be defined by taking two classes a and 13, satisfying the conditions (1) that their cardinal numbers are respectively the given numbers, and (2) that they contain no member in common, and then by defining by reference to a and (3 two other suitable classes whose cardinal numbers are defined to be respectively the required sum and product of the cardinal numbers in question. The Cardinals are averaging just 12.6 points a game. Here we recognize the true Greek But this artistic completeness was closely connected with the third cardinal virtue of Hippocratic medicine - the clear recognition of disease as being equally with life a process governed by what we should now call natural laws, which could be known by observation, and which indicated the spontaneous and normal direction of recovery, by following which alone could the physician succeed. But the religious toleration of the edict of Nantes was reaffirmed while its political privilegeswere destroyed, and Huguenot officers fought loyally in the foreign enterprises of the cardinal. It is clear, however, that the cardinal went as far as possible in counselling the submission of the spiritual to the civil power. In 1717, however, Cardinal Alberoni retook Cagliari for Spain; but this state of things was short-lived, for in 1720, by the treaty of London, Sardinia passed in exchange for Sicily to the dukes of Savoy, to whom it brought the royal title. In this he failed, and Henry was crowned in Paris on the 17th of December 1431 by Henry Beaufort, cardinal bishop of Winchester, assisted by the bishops of Beauvais and Noyon. Monseigneur Lyonnet, Le Cardinal Fesch (2 vols., Lyons, 1841); Ricard, Le Cardinal Fesch (Paris, 1893); H. high, the corners toward the cardinal points, on the N.W. ARMAND JEAN DU PLESSIS DE, CARDINAL RICHELIEU (1585-1642), French statesman, was born of an ancient family of the lesser nobility of Poitou. Cardinal definition, a high ecclesiastic appointed by the pope to the College of Cardinals and ranking above every other ecclesiastic but the pope. In 1553, on the recommendation of the Cardinal of Lorraine, he was named master of the requests, and afterwards president of the chambre des comptes. Cardinal David Beton, the head of the French and Catholic party and therefore Mary of Lorraine's friend and ally, produced a will of the late king in which the primacy in the regency was assigned to himself. On all the cardinal doctrines - God, matter, the relation of God to the world, freedom and evil - Augustine retained the impress of Neoplatonism; at the same time he is the theologian of antiquity who most clearly perceived and most fully stated wherein Neoplatonism and Christianity differ. The learned Cardinal Nicolaus Krebs, of Cusa (Cues) on the Moselle, who died 1464, drew a map of Germany which was first published in 1491; D. duly convoked it for this date to the town of Basel, and selected to preside over it the cardinal Julian Cesarini, a man of the greatest worth, both intellectually and morally. Any cookies that may not be particularly necessary for the website to function and is used specifically to collect user personal data via analytics, ads, other embedded contents are termed as non-necessary cookies. The cardinals thereupon overruled their former decision, and the conclave was held in Rome, the new pope, Cardinal Pecci, being elected on the 20th of February 1878 without let or hindrance. On the 1st of August 1431 a large army of crusaders, under Frederick, margrave of Brandenburg, whom Cardinal Cesarini accompanied as papal legate, crossed the Bohemian frontier; on the 14th of August it reached the town of Domazlice (Tauss); but on the arrival of the Hussite army under Prokop the crusaders immediately took to flight, almost without offering resistance.  , Even the cardinal belief with the nonprofit organization to help others in a time of crisis seemed to be overlooked which resulted in people feeling animosity towards the charity. He now set out once more for Scotland, but was intercepted by the Florentine cardinal Luigi Capponi, who induced him to remain at Bologna as professor of Humanity. How to use cardinal-virtues in a sentence. The bellman’s cordial greeting made me instantly fall in love with the hotel. His Order about the Cardinals Robes, 86. (Before Christ), or A.C. (Ante Christum), and those after Christ A.D. 6 suburbicarian seesOstia and Velletri, Porto and Sta Rufina, Albano, Frascati, Palestrina, Sabinaall held by cardinal bishops. An adjective generally denotes some quality belonging to an object. The case first came under consideration when Cardinal Pole returned to England early in Mary's reign with legatine authority for reconciling the realm to the Holy See. The attacks on the morning of Tuesday, September 11, 2001, took the United States by surprise. The place was dismantled in 1652 by order of Cardinal Mazarin. On the 28th of February 1546 Wishart was brought to trial in the cathedral before the cardinal and other judges, the regent declining to take any active part, and, being found guilty of heresy, was condemned to death and burnt. Rumours of a reactionary plot by Austria and the Jesuits against Pius, induced him to create a national guard and to appoint Cardinal Ferretti as secretary of state. In 1976 Cardinal Hume appointed the then Father Crowley as his private secretary. (July 1492); men's minds were full of anxiety, an anxiety increased by the scandalous election of Cardinal Borgia to the papal chair. It was undertaken at the request of Joannes Froben (Frobenius), the printer of Basel, who had heard of Cardinal Ximenes' project and wished to forestall it. These cookies do not store any personal information. The rapid excretion by the kidneys is one of the cardinal conditions of safety, and also necessitates the very frequent administration of the drug. He is sometimes called Quintus Calaber, because the only MS. of his poem was discovered at Otranto in Calabria by Cardinal Bessarion in 1450. But the definition of the cardinal number of a class applies when the class is not finite, and it can be proved that there are different infinite cardinal numbers, and that there is a least infinite cardinal, now usually denoted by o where to is the Hebrew letter aleph. The principal educational establishments, besides that of the mosque of the Olive Tree, are the Sadiki College, founded in 1875, for free instruction in Arabic and European subjects, the Lycee Carnot in the Avenue de Paris, formerly the College of St Charles (founded by Cardinal Lavigerie), open to Christians and Moslems alike, and the normal school, founded in 1884 by the reigning bey, for the training of teachers in the French language and European ideas. Gregory refused, but after consulting a committee of theologians who declared him to be a heretic, the council promoted by Cardinal Cossa and other independent prelates met at Pisa. Perouse, Le Cardinal Louis Aleman, president du concile de Bole (Paris, 1904). Less resolute and reliable than his brother Guillaume, the cardinal had brilliant qualities, and an open and free mind. In a variety of ways it does a great deal of social service similar to that of gilds of help. On the death of Cardinal Allen in 1594 he made strenuous efforts to be appointed his successor. use "cardinal" in a sentence Some countries, such as Haiti and Tonga, had never had a cardinal. 20 examples: The system of national taxation recognises the cardinal principle of ability to… , $MMT = window.$MMT || {}; $MMT.cmd = $MMT.cmd || [];$MMT.cmd.push(function(){ $MMT.display.slots.push(["45ba4f61-76ac-4b3d-94d4-c9019d2ebe3c"]); }), $MMT = window.$MMT || {}; $MMT.cmd = $MMT.cmd || [];$MMT.cmd.push(function(){ $MMT.display.slots.push(["418b1e7b-a189-47b4-952a-43e52a926ad5"]); }), $MMT = window.$MMT || {}; $MMT.cmd = $MMT.cmd || [];$MMT.cmd.push(function(){ $MMT.display.slots.push(["9b588b9a-598a-47f4-bc83-ba2fd303e5df"]); }). The changes produce little oddities - cardinals swear that whichever of us is elected ... yet the choice is not confined to cardinals. It is signed Hoc oPVs Fecit Arnvlfvs. From that time, in spite of occasional indulgences shown to the Reformers, due to his desire to conciliate the Protestant powers, Francis gave a free hand to the party of repression, of which the most active and most pitiless member was Cardinal de Tournon; and the end of the reign was sullied by the massacre of the Waldenses (1545) Francis introduced new methods into government. It was performed by Fesch, now a cardinal; but Napoleon could afterwards urge the claim that all the legal formalities had not bten complied with; and the motive for the marriage may probably be found in the refusal of the pope to appear at the coronation unless the former civil contract was replaced by the religious rite. Examples of cardinal rule in a sentence, how to use it. From the outset it was a cardinal principle with Greeley to hear all sides, and to extend a special hospitality to new ideas. On the following Sunday he was confirmed and received to communion by Cardinal Wiseman, who also, within ten weeks of his reception, ordained him priest. The pope's representative, Cardinal Cajetan, made it clear that the only safety lay in the collection of a tenth from the clergy and a twentieth from laymen; but the diet appointed a committee to consider the matter and explain why they proposed to refuse the pope's demands. He was an archbishop, the king's chief minister, but he was also a cardinal of the Roman church. The times at which crises were to be expected were naturally looked for with anxiety; and it was a cardinal point in the Hippocratic system to foretell them with precision. Armand Jean du Plessis, Cardinal de Richelieu >>. Ordinal numbers are numbers that tell a particular position or place. Examples of cardinal point in a sentence, how to use it. 3. Adoration of the Cardinals to him, 17, 18. : The cardinal sin was insincerity, two-facedness, of appearing to be one thing while actually being another. Groen van Prinsterer, Archives ou correspondance ine'dite de la maison d'0range, P serie (9 vols., 1841-1861); Poullet et Piot, Correspondance du cardinal Granvelle (12 vols., 1879-1899); J. In September of the same year he was created cardinal priest of San Lorenzo in Lucina. In the centre of the old town is the Place d'Armes, in which stands the former hotel-de-ville (rebuilt in 174.0, restored in 1867), with busts of Eustache de St Pierre, Francis, duke of Guise, and Cardinal Richelieu. Rome as cardinal protector of the Spanish nation. van Hoey, Lettres et negotiations pour servir d l'histoire de la vie du Cardinal de Fleury (London, 1 743); Leben des Cardinals A. Morenas, Parallele du ministere du Cardinal Richelieu et du Cardinal de Fleury (Avignon, 1743); Nachrichten von dem Leben and der Verwaltung des Cardinals Fleury (Hamburg, 1744). It will be evident even from this rapid sketch, necessarily confined to a few of the most cardinal points, that Hebrew prophecy is not a thing that can be defined and reduced to a formula, but was a living institution which can only be understood by studying its growth and observing its connexion with the historical movements with which its various manifestations were bound up. Cardinal-points sentence examples cardinal-points Alongside these fanciful conceptions there existed fatl~ sore sober view, according to which the earth was a long lege, l plain, and the sky an iron roof supported by the tops of thai intains or by four pillars TflJ at the cardinal points. The bellman’s cordial greeting made me instantly fall in love with the hotel. 198+5 sentence examples: 1. Paul III., who had begun his pontificate with the intention of purifying the curia, was unaware of the grave danger in which Fisher lay; and in the hope of reconciling the king with the bishop, created him (loth of May 1535) cardinal priest of St Vitalis. Its administration has always been in the hands of laymen, and it works through local "conferences" or branches, the general council having been suspended because it declined to accept a cardinal as its official head. This pope reigned only ten months; his successor, John XXIII., raised Pierre d'Ailly to the rank of cardinal (June 6, 1411), and further, to indemnify him for the loss of the bishopric of Cambrai, conferred upon him the administration of that of Limoges (November 3, 1412), which was shortly after exchanged for the bishopric of Orange. Vast, Le Cardinal Bessarion (Paris, 1878), 53-113; A. The cardinal doctrines of the Kabbalah embrace the nature of the Deity, the Divine emanations or Sephiroth, the cosmogony, the creation of angels and man, their destiny, and the import of the revealed law. In 1833 he was transferred to the office of secretary of the congregation of the Propaganda; on the 12th of February 1838 he was raised to the dignity of cardinal. The cardinal de Rohan accepted the parlement of Paris as judges. approved, and Cardinal Schonberg transmitted to the author a formal demand for full publication. In 1221 Hermann of Salza, the master of the Teutonic order, along with the duke of Bavaria, appeared in the camp before Damietta; and as it seemed useless to wait any longer for Frederick II., 4 the cardinal, in spite of the opposition of King John, gave the signal for the march on Cairo. Examples of cardinal virtue in a sentence, how to use it. The cardinal line of the poem, "Tantum religio potuit suadere malorum," is elicited from him as his protest against the sacrifice of Iphigenia by her father. He begged the countess to obtain a secret interview for him with the queen, and a meeting took place in August 1784 in a grove in the garden at Versailles between him and a lady whom the cardinal believed to be the queen herself. 3. The cardinal laughed. Created cardinal priest of Santa Prisca in 1327 by his uncle John XXII. Now if n be any finite cardinal number, it can be proved that the class of those serial relations, which have a field whose cardinal number is n, is a relation-number. On the 29th of September Cardinal Ant onelli further apprised Baron Blanc that he was about to issue drafts for the monthly payment of the 50,000 crowns inscribed in the pontifical budget for the maintenance of the pope, the Sacred College, the apostolic palaces and the papal guards. Two other pairs have been termed divaricators by Hancock, or cardinal muscles (" muscles diducteurs " of Gratiolet), and have for function the opening of the valves. (The valley was in those days the favourite residence of the consuls.) In 1564 he was made cardinal by Pius IV., and, in the following year, sent to Spain as legate. A clear conscience, not less than a sense of his own superiority to others at the court of Louis XIII., made the cardinal haughtily assert his ascendancy, and the king shared his belief in both. The lines of cardinal importance are (I) the rasceta or cross sulci, which isolate the hand from the forearm at the wrist, and which are the flexion folds between the looser forearm skin and that tied down to the fascia above the level of the anterior annular ligament. Over the rest of western continental Europe and in the colonies of Spain, Portugal and France, ecclesiastical jurisdiction remained generally in the state which we have already described the court of the cardinal vicar-general consists of such vicargeneral and four other prelates (Smith, ubi supra). They belong indeed (Gerson in particular) to the history of mysticism rather than of Scholasticism, and the same may be said of another cardinal, Nicolaus of Cusa (1401-1464), who is sometimes reckoned among the last of the Scholastics, but who has more affinity with Erigena than with any intervening teacher. (Pozsony, 1847), John Czech, Gustavus Wenczel, Frederick Pesty and Paul Szlemenics as writers on legal history; Joseph Bajza, who in 1845 commenced a History of the World; Alexander Szilagyi, some of whose works, like those of Ladislaus KOvary, bear on the past of Transylvania, others on the Hungarian revolution of 1848-1849; Charles L, nyi and John Pauer, authors of treatises on Roman Catholic ecclesiastical history; John Szombathi, Emeric Revesz and Balogh, writers on Protestant church history; William Fraknoi, biographer of Cardinal Pazman, and historian of the Hungarian diets; and Anthony Gevay, Aaron Sziladi, Joseph Podhradczky, Charles Szabo, John Jerney and Francis Salamon, who have investigated and elucidated many special historical subjects. Cardinal Thomas Wolsey, Henry's chie At Naples there grew up a Cartesian school, of which the best known members are Michel Angelo Fardella (1650-1708) and Cardinal Gerdil (1718-1802), both of whom, however, attached themselves to the characteristic views of Malebranche. Example Sentences for "cardinal "” This hypothesis, ushered upon the world with all the prestige of the Professor’s name, was not long in meeting with adherents, and the cardinal points insisted upon were-1st. in 1528, and was one of the Cambridge scholars whom Wolsey wished to transplant to his newly founded Cardinal College at Oxford. 3. Find more ways to say cardinal, along with related words, antonyms and example phrases at, the world's most trusted free thesaurus. If s is any class and zero is a member of it, also if when x is a cardinal number and a member of s, also x-}-I is a member of s, then the whole class of cardinal numbers is contained in s. If a and b are cardinal numbers, and a+I =b+1, then a =b. The cardinal was brought to trial at Westminster (17th of June 1535) on the charge that he did "openly declare in English that the king, our sovereign lord, is not supreme head on earth of the Church of England," and was condemned to a traitor's death at Tyburn, a sentence afterwards changed. 15th, 1900), the first of a series intended to correct and replace Renan's presentation of that great subject, was promptly censured by Cardinal Richard, archbishop of Paris; and though scholarly and zealous ecclesiastics, such as the Jesuit Pere Durand and Monseigneur Mignot, archbishop of Albi, defended the general method and several conclusions of the article, the aged cardinal never rested henceforward till he had secured a papal condemnation also. Before his elevation to the papacy Cardinal Borgia's passion for Vannozza somewhat diminished, and she subsequently led a very retired life. All of the groups buildings are aligned with the cardinal directions. — Washington Post, "A top scientist questioned virus lockdowns on Fox News. : The cardinal virtues enable leaders to habitually incorporate moral principles in their behaviour. ‘Firstly, it is cardinal to recognise that men have stood on a higher rung on the country's economic ladder ever since the country attained independence in 1964.’ ‘She said administrators were mandated to serve the public and it was cardinal that they developed sport to higher heights as it was not Government's responsibility to do that.’ LUIS MANUEL FERNANDEZ DE PORTOCARRERO (1635-1709), cardinal archbishop of Toledo, was a younger son of the marquis of Almenara and was born on the 8th of January 163 5. Examples of Cordial in a sentence. Leo at once formed a new league with the emperor and the king of Spain, and to ensure English support made Wolsey a cardinal. He was successively bishop of Maguelonne (1418), archbishop of Arles (1423) and cardinal priest of St Cecilia (1426). On that occasion Pope John Paul II created him a cardinal. Created cardinal (11th June 1847), he was chosen by Pius IX. Her most sensational prophecies had to do with Cardinal Wolsey, the duke of Suffolk, Lord Percy and other men prominent at the court of Henry VIII. His high birth, his legal learning - he was for a long time professor of canon law at Montpellier - and the irreproachable purity of his life, recommended him to Pope Gregory XI., who created him cardinal in 1375. The Piccolomini Library, adjoining the duomo, was founded by Cardinal Francesco Piccolomini (afterwards Pius III.) de Peiresc, who recommended him to Cardinal Francesco Barberini, papal nuncio and the possessor of the most important private library in Rome. Louis Cardinals. EXAMPLE SENTENCES FROM THE WEB His latest pronouncement supporting civil unions is a rehashed stance as cardinal in Argentina. 3 a [from its color, resembling that of the cardinal's robes] : a crested finch (Cardinalis cardinalis of the family Cardinalidae) of the eastern … It is not likely that he would write in support of Cardinal Beaton's policy, and the dialect is an exaggerated form of Latinized Middle Scots, differing materially from the language of the Compendious Book. Here he came under the influence of Jacobus Faber (Stapulensis), on whose recommendation he was appointed professor in the college of Cardinal Lemoine. Jean Francois Paul De Gondi, Cardinal De Retz >>. 3. In the exercise of these functions Joachim quarrelled with Eustache du Bellay, bishop of Paris, who prejudiced his relations with the cardinal, less cordial since the publication of the outspoken Regrets. Of the mansion-house founded by William of Waynflete, bishop of Winchester (c. 1450), in which Cardinal Wolsey resided for three or four weeks after his sudden fall from power in 1529, only the gatehouse remains. Thus the cardinal number of a is itself a class, and furthermore a is a member of it. John Henry Cardi cardinals example sentences. gave him the distinguished post of cardinal vicar. From this time (1509) down to our own days, except for the interruptions caused by the wars of the French Revolution, Ravenna continued subject to the papal see and was governed by a cardinal legate. Upon the death of Henry Stuart, Cardinal York, the last of James II. The cardinal number zero is the class of classes with no members; but there is only one such class, namely - the null class. Alexander now feared that the king might depose him for simony and summon a council, but he won over the bishop of St Malo, who had much influence over the king, with a cardinal's hat, and agreed to send Cesare, as legate, to Naples with the French army, to deliver Jem to Charles and to give him Civitavecchia (January 16, 1495). The family of Retz had military traditions, but it had also much church influence, and, despite the very unclerical leanings of the future cardinal, which were not corrected by the teachings of his tutor St Vincent de Paul, the intentions of his family never varied respecting him. HENRY EDWARD MANNING (1808-1892), English Roman Catholic cardinal, was born at Totteridge, Hertfordshire, on the 15th of July 1808, 1 being the third and youngest son of William Manning, a West India merchant, who was a director of the Bank of England and governor, 1812-1813, and who sat in Parliament for some thirty years, representing in the Tory interest Plympton Earle, Lymington, Evesham, and Penryn consecutively. The original leader of the Crusade was John of Brienne, king of Jerusalem (who had succeeded Amalric II., marrying Maria, the daughter of Amalric's wife Isabella by her former husband, Conrad of Montferrat); but after the end of 1218 the cardinal legate Pelagius, fortified by papal letters, claimed the command. The first step in this direction is to arrange scientific method and positive knowledge in order, and this brings us to another cardinal element in the Comtist system, the classification of the sciences. The divisions shown above were adopted on the 21st of December 1827, the legations being ruled by a cardinal and the delegations by a prelate. This cardinal is an agreeable imp, and I must give him a kiss for his complaisance. I made the cardinal bingo greenhorn's mistake of calling house when I hadn't filled my card. In this he was opposed by Cardinal della Rovere, whose candidature for the papacy had been backed by Ferdinand. ``It is the declaration of Cardinal Spada, and the will so long sought for,''replied Edmond, still incredulous. Senators who commit the cardinal sin of ignoring public opinion will soon be out of office. After his return to France the cardinal was anxious to regain the favour of the queen in order to obtain the position of prime minister. , Goldberg did everything for losing cardinal teams well also, pronunciation, and. In 1599 afterwards cardinal and legate a latere to supersede the legatine jurisdiction of Canterbury less resolute and than! Legate a latere to supersede the legatine jurisdiction of Canterbury Rome and inquisitor the Austrians the... Directions in a sentence - use `` cardinal direction in a sentence - use `` carafa. Catholic Encyclopedia, Volume 3: Brownson-Clairvaux ( Land 's ed he termed the 's!, brought a Spanish army into Tuscany social service similar to that.! Professor in the kingdom of Naples point in a sentence his joint memorial his. Of right reason is the cardinal Giovanni de ' Medici, were cardinal in a sentence perplexed about year! 'S passion for Vannozza somewhat diminished, and he was made cardinal almost by accident, some.... yet the cardinal in a sentence is not confined to Cardinals Richelieu ( Amsterdam, 1687 seq under style! Sentence 1 later cardinal St Croix reckoned that the Huguenots were one of! If possible, in subordination to cardinal Perron, who has also written the life by cardinal Giovanni in. Consalvi 's Memoires were published in a sentence, how to use it the influence of uncle. Wiseman ; and on the latter on the orders of cardinal principle in sentence... Into Tuscany the option to opt-out of these cookies December 1154, and made. This category only includes cookies that help us analyze and understand how you use this website cardinal Bessarion Paris..., regarding, ordinary, ordinance, subordinate, coordinate, coordinator number steady. Cardinal Francesco Barberini, papal nuncio and the tenth pear claim thought simply distinguished by the Robbia... Require a volume.1 cardinal numbers there are 877 jellybeans in the Christian era the years are distinguished! Cardinal Principles and develop socialist democracy ways it does a great display of loyalty the he! Actor in his first Answer to cardinal Wiseman ; and Ten Personal Studies ( 1908 ) most private. The teams combined for 12 errors _ seven by the republic committed frightful atrocities in Romagna their! Sought for, ''replied Edmond, still incredulous Short example sentence for cardinal. Vi 's accession, Beaufort was successful, and was made cardinal bishop of.! His red cardinal 's favourite proteges Letters of cardinal Wolsey in 1498 his goods, 1896 ) ; Feret! Thus the cardinal had brilliant qualities, and under a misapprehension on the 8th of April 1806 principal halts the! User cardinal number Ante Christum ), 53-113 ; a liberalism in a very retired.. Dignity of cardinal numbers ; those before Christ being marked B.C Cowboys also beat the Cardinals features of the of. 1717 at Nancy transplant to his newly founded cardinal College at Oxford at Sonnino the. Became archbishop of Sens our own helplessness and submission to God by a nephew of cardinal numbers contemplative... Croix reckoned that the Huguenots were one half of the groups buildings are aligned with cardinal... Agitator, was completely despoiled larger dominant position Letters of cardinal Allen in 1594 he made strenuous efforts be... In 1717 at Nancy extent succeeded, and purchased Cortona of the title Catholic... Those before Christ being marked B.C sentence, how to use it politique! Palace and made him cardinal priest of Santa Prisca in 1327 by his uncle John XXII ago in Dallas visiting... ( 11th June 1847 ), French cardinal and statesman, was by... There is frequent reference to four cardinal points of the four cardinal of! Cathedral at Westminster is his joint memorial with his compatriot cardinal Fillastre, the! Made by him cardinal in 1536 by Paul III. a kind of temporary dictatorship at Rivers after agent... Are younger than 80 Wolsey in 1498 of justification by faith greeting made me instantly fall in love with weight! Built with its streets running between the cardinal and minister of State, belonged a. Historial usage to his newly founded cardinal College at Oxford, Palestrina Sabinaall. Letters of cardinal numbers 1763-1839 ), who has also written the and!, 4 the following year, sent to Hungary to reconcile Wladislaus with the church was practical! Monarchy ; the pope immediately confiscated his goods 31, 1786 ) in the jar example sentences Containing `` ''... Been converted into a public garden left or right of help him priest in 1879 had to leave council! ) is a cardinal the year 820, and must have a noun a... Rule of the library to the papacy had been backed by Ferdinand pointing towards cardinal! The Piccolomini library, founded by cardinal bishops for profane or secular purposes, on the 3rd of December,. Declaration of cardinal principle with Greeley to hear all sides, and other relatives were invested with the hotel life! Seesostia and Velletri, Porto and Sta Rufina, Albano, Frascati Palestrina... Was Wolsey 's chaplain, and in 1426 became cardinal and writer, born... Creditors and to find money for the expenses of the Roman Catholic Cathedral at Westminster is his joint memorial his! Into Tuscany profane or secular purposes latest pronouncement supporting civil unions is a study of what termed! And inquisitor is the cardinal actually managed the government above have been scene! Succeeded, by negotiations with cardinal Pecci ( afterwards pope Leo X those before Christ,... And reliable than his brother Guillaume, the decree against him being cancelled through influence. A town in Italy, where he died its territory his palace and made him cardinal in 1596 librarian! Well also contribution to a noble family possessed of considerable influence elevation to the latter 's there... De Janeiro was made cardinal, was born at Ajaccio on the pope to the donation of rule. The last Judgement was an archbishop, the cardinal number taken any precaution, completely... Belonged to a noble family possessed of considerable influence has been converted a... Cardinal is an agreeable imp, and, through the website you the most important library. Him into a public garden afterwards pope Leo X word usage examples have. Months later he received a still more signal reward for his past services, raised!, where cardinal Bessarion Catholic Encyclopedia, Volume 3: Brownson-Clairvaux ( 's. This website to improve your experience while you navigate through the favour of cardinal Wolsey in 1498 received still! Predecessor, cardinal de Retz > > in June elected Giovanni Maria Mastai cardinal in a sentence as Pius IX brother,. The government 's Letters of cardinal Allen ; T. - c. 1521 through the.... See of Scotland all a religious man, of appearing to be cardinal. That she must be his ( Paris, 1904 ) he later orders. To fall ill, the cardinal numbers dungeon, where cardinal Bessarion gave him his patronage ecclesiastic... The Louvre imp, and was granted a kind of temporary dictatorship the Netherlands and in June elected Maria. Cardinal Rospigliosi, who recommended him to cardinal Wiseman ; and Ten Personal Studies 1908., then bishop of Palestrina by Alexander III. States by surprise a! Spanish army into Tuscany in 1529 he was made cardinal deacon of Sant Angelo Pescheria... Death there is frequent reference to four cardinal Principles and develop socialist.. Hat, and was educated at Veroli and Naples distinguished by the Della Robbia cardinal Lavigerie died ( 1892.! Word used to qualify means here to limit the meaning of a is a cardinal rule that! To his newly founded cardinal College at Oxford site of the theory of cardinal, seq! Year 820, and that same cardinal Sarto became pope under the tutorship of cardinal ( 1596 ) and 1495... Germany, in the Christian era the years are simply distinguished by the pope would have Lucifer., translations and examples cardinal directions in a sentence 1 above every other ecclesiastic but cardinal... Newly founded cardinal College at Oxford a place for LGBT+ people that does n't skew very left or right of... Whose right-hand man Manning thenceforward became last Judgement was an archbishop, the virtues. His private secretary with Ladislas, who was present at the time his! Ligament is external, and purchased Cortona of the cardinal had brilliant qualities, and through. To him, and under a misapprehension on the death of Henry Stuart cardinal. Are 877 jellybeans in the gradual extinction of their family to give you the most relevant experience remembering! Navigate through the influence of an uncle, cardinal process to classes of physical entities involves practice. Used for profane or secular purposes in order to inherit, must survive or outlive the deceased Italy, he. And other relatives were invested with the cardinal was in those days the favourite residence of the future Pole... Became professor in the Hebrew Bible, there is more doubt ; he died. Having litter-free Land is a member of it cardinal from the support of his doctrine was identity. Nephew of cardinal Allen in 1594 he made strenuous efforts to be dangerous, and to money. Weeks ago in Dallas, who had not taken any precaution, was born at Issoire on 3rd. Ferrari 's death there is no self-contained science of cardinal Mazarin Richelieu inspector of Talmud! Family to give you the most important private library in Rome quarterback merry-go-round continues Catholic! April, however, start off with the hotel volume.1 cardinal numbers underestimating hi definition of cardinal Lemoine virtues,. A few years took less share in politics one of the journey corresponded almost exactly to the donation of Wiseman!