Thanks so much for the nice review, we're really pleased to hear you've found our tools and resources useful. 21 Winning Niches To Start Selling for 2021. That's not what we like to hear, please accept our apologies. Basically, you’ll be selling the same products as these major outlets but for more money. We're doing our best to make sure the free version is feature-rich and that you're able to adequately launch a business without having to pay a fee. 2 . Categories My Reviews My Settings Install App Help Log out Log in Sign up Install App For companies Overview Reviews About Oberlo Reviews 420 • Average . Side hustle, passion project, full-time career – whatever your drive, Oberlo is the toolkit to help you start and grow your own thing. This cuts down the shipping time to those destinations for your customers and can arrive sometimes within 5-7 days! Our experts have done all the heavy lifting for you by finding trending products to dropship. Yes the app works but when every other online store sells it for $700.00 less then you can well do the math. When consumers search online for products to buy, Amazon is almost always the first result they see. Dropified looks to change that, … We work hard to make sure Oberlo is easy to use for you to use so those words mean a lot. I am really sorry to hear that your experience was less than expected. If you are using Oberlo’s own fulfillment service this process is a little easier and less complicated than Aliexpress. Jobs. You have to invest thousands of dollars in ad revenue. If you'd like we would be more than happy to investigate and see where you previous requests went! Statistics even allude to the same with over … For example, search in Oberlo for products from popular video games like Super Mario or The Legend of Zelda. Or you can always email Be warned that it’s not an easy task. Everything is so easy to manage and monitor the products. In my last days using Oberlo, I stopped using Aliexpress altogether. I gave upAliExpress is a chinese version of eBay. Website. Im referring to NCOV widespread. Do not bother answering all questions in the support tickets.#2. If you're still using Oberlo, please don't hesitate to reach out to our support team for any help you may need! Otherwise in the future should you prefer calling we are fully supported by Shopify and you can reach them at 1 (888) 746-7439! Well, not exactly. Our sincerest apologies that you've had such a poor experience with our service. THey refuse to refund these fraudulent charges . I’ve bought $6 shoes from Wish and a $14 winter jacket. What is oberlo and aliexpress doing about this concern?Is there any assurance that the items that clients receive will not be virus carriers? With all it has to offer, it’s no wonder why Oberlo has quickly gained a large following over just a few years. To have success using Oberlo in my opinion at this point in time you’d need the following:A niche market mostly untouched by other Oberlo usersPlenty of working capital to get started ($5000+)A refined and highly detailed marketing planVerified suppliers using only Oberlo fulfillmentTest/purchase all the products you want to sell beforehand to inspect quality/shipping timesOtherworldly ambitionA decent amount of luck I wish I had all the information I’ve provided you when I started. Your records do indicate that the app had been opted back into shortly after you downgraded. For Super Mario, these suppliers are not licensed by Nintendo to sell these products. Check out our guide for more info ( but that's part of the trial and error that is necessary to get things off the ground. I use Oberlo for my Shopify store. Well, it was not. Hey Mariam. No Documentation, No Proper Support - Ridiculous!!! Oberlo Reviews for UK Users . I really wish them to start working with serious providers other than Aliexpress. This is a slash-and-burn business model! Again, our sincerest apologies if you feel you've been misled throughout the process and if you'd like to discuss the matter further you can email ATTN: Paco and I'll be happy to listen to your concerns and offer some help about the technical challenges you're facing. Oberlo Reviews. As a dropshipper using Oberlo, you are essentially at the mercy of the suppliers. Don't be impulsive. Great to know that's a feature important to you as we will continue to make it even better! Who are you fooling, no one is going to wait 30 days for an item to be delivered yet alone one thats not exactly top quality when quicker delivery methods and suppliers are readily avaliable within the uk....why divert to china or usa. If you'd like to email me, you can email Attn: Paco and I'd be happy to continue the conversation and investigate the events that took place. That is why you won't see the Nintendo logo on any of them. Ease of Use. I'm not going to shut up - instead of being professional and fixing the functions and actually providing quality customer service - things only become worse, and they expect me to shut up!?! Really sorry to hear you've had such a poor experience and you feel that the prices are far too high. I wonder why would somebody buy from my dropshipping store which would take too long to deliver a product compared to a customer going directly on ali express. The same products you'd find in the Wish store, are the same type of products you'll find in the Oberlo catalog and honestly, if you have any kind of desire for ethical business practices, you won't be able to, in good conscience, stand behind these products.- Shipping Times -Searching products in Oberlo, you can see the estimated shipping times of the products you want to import. The thought of retaining customers and store owners apparently does not occur to Oberlo since there is always another eager and naive person falling for Oberlo's fantasy business format only to realize after spending a bunch of their money and time - Oberlo is only interested in supporting and growing Oberlo's business - the unsuspecting store owner is not apart of that business model so most of us end up closing our stores in order to avoid bankruptcy.It's a win for Oberlo everytime someone starts a store and a slow failure for the store owner. This means that customers will never find you (unless you sell unique one-of-a-kind products), through search engines because Amazon will always display first, and likely for a lower price.What this ultimately translates into is that, you’ll need to rely almost entirely on direct advertising to reach your potential customers. Your product won’t be highly affordable because you need to make a profit and the product quality is so poor that your customer will not only be upset for the long shipping time, but they’ll be upset at the quality of their product when it arrives. This is always great when your customer has already paid you and is awaiting their product to be shipped. If you look at the total orders placed for items on Oberlo, I estimate 99% have zero orders. Once they get your money they will NEVER give you a refund just play lots of games.Just make a complaint to consumer affairs. What does this mean? The app works perfectly, it is affordable and has all the features you can imagine. You also don’t have to dig too far to see negative feedback and reviews from many Oberlo users.Here are some things Oberlo doesn't tell you when you get started that are crucial for your success:- Illegal Products -Even though all the products in the Oberlo catalog are available to import into your store, many of these products are brand-name knockoffs or counterfeit products, that if you import into your store and sell, SHOPIFY WILL WITHHOLD YOUR PAYMENTS because it is illegal to sell these types of products on the Shopify platform (this actually happened to me). I did a little investigating and found the product. I completely understand your position to throw in the towel, I'd do the same. For those of you who don’t know, these are a massive network of Chinese manufacturers. Hi Maurice, Paco here from Oberlo. Voice your opinion today and hear what 422 customers have already said. The big question: what to sell online? The same products are available on Wish for less than we are being asked to pay.If, Oberlo, you are serious, I have some advice: Please find dropshippers with EU warehousing for us Brits.Offer us much quicker delivery times, so we can provide the customer experience that consumers now demand.This app is a great idea but completely useless if you are serious about delivering exceptional user experiences on your website. They don’t have a customer service phone number. Big ups! Not certain it's widespread, however, because if it were we'd be addressing what we call a global issue regarding broken links, which is not something we've had to deal with to date. It's crazy, some people have thousands of orders that are completely unaffected by shipping delays or errors and then something like this happens to someone 2/3 times. You'll find tons of products under these categories. Hi there! Over 300 reviews that are positive on the Shopify app market place. Despite this though, problems with suppliers translate into problems for your customers, which then translates into problems for you.Perhaps one of the most common issues you’ll hear from Oberlo merchants is that they literally can’t get a hold of their supplier. We tried a couple of these suppliers and they were slow and useless. Although the power of online reviews still lags behind … Do you agree with Oberlo's TrustScore? The product images can be very misleading which can set high expectations for your customers and then truly damage your customers experience when they receive their product. Sorry to hear about your negative experiences with suppliers Vera. Grad. Try checking out some of those suppliers! They have signed a contract with us so if you experience problems you can contact them directly or our Supply Team can get involved on your behalf. First of all, thank you for taking the time to write out such detailed feedback. Looking for new business ideas to start 2021 off on a positive note? Is Oberlo Free? Summary: completely unreliable, unpredictable, delivery times unacceptably long, no guarantees on quality and packaging is dissapointing.I closed my store because i cant put my name to such shoddy and unpredictable products and services. You're entitled to an app credit via Shopify that can be used against all other apps you operate in your store (Dropified, for example). 423 people have already reviewed Oberlo. Unfortunately, because you noticed this 10 months down the road, there is no way of verifying whether or not you were using these features, wittingly or unwittingly. Secondly, people buy from brands they know and trust. There no supporting document and I am not talking about videos, that will walk you through the process.For example - extremely difficult to configure filters in the collection and there not a single document out there that describes how to do that. Although we are always sharing guides and resources, we certainly did not mean to present it as easy. Oberlo is part of the Shopify group, and they are a nightmare to deal with! Oberlo says: "Oh yeah browse our massive catalog of products and import anything into your store. Thank you for your kind words Rohit! Shipping times are certainly a blocker for many people looking to operate a dropshipping business. Thanks for taking the time out of your day to leave us a review. Bad service lots of returns and non responsive suppliers. Master courses on entrepreneurship, dropshipping, marketing, mindset, and more. Do you agree with Oberlo's TrustScore? As you might've have guessed, that is not a good strategy for a successful business. As a fellow dropshipper, I can understand the challenge in growing your traffic and sales in the beginning. Do you agree with Oberlo’s 4-star rating? Hey there! Ultimately though, I do not recommend this platform. As you can imagine, the quality of products can vary drastically from supplier to supplier and niche to niche. Thanks for taking the time to let us know. That can be deflating for newcomers to the dropship business model. We have thousands of successful merchants who sell these products on their stores. Also, at the end of the day, it comes down to preference and if you're not comfortable standing behind the products you'd like to sell from the platform, we can't argue with that... and we won't. They are just frauds. I've been using Oberlo for about a year and a half so I consider myself pretty experienced with it. Hey, there! It's their integrity that doesn't exist. Every item has thousands of store imports. Hey, there! © 2021 Trustpilot A/S. North Africa... Enterprise's country? AMAZON! Hey there! Honestly though, that means nothing when it comes down to accepting payment from your customers and getting their product shipped out to them in a timely manner.First of all when a customer buys a product on your store, the funds will typically go into your Shopify account (or whatever connected merchant tool you have - i.e. Think of it as the keys to a virtual warehouse packed with products from thousands of suppliers. So consumers looking for these products can go directly to Aliexpress, Alibaba or Wish and find all the products that you have available to sell but for less money. Do you agree with Oberlo's TrustScore? Oberlo Review – Conclusion. Firstly, not all online shoppers know to go directly to AliExpress. I'm using Oberlo for my e-store and what can I say...I had problems with all my orders and they never replied to any of my email or tweets. T-shirts claiming to be from Jimmy Buffet and others are not official and have spelling mistakes. In fact, even when I know I can get a product on AliExpress for a little cheaper, I will sometimes purchase from a store because of the brand and the additional assurances that smaller stores offer (or incentives). Rather, from searching and posting those product photos, the Instagram and Facebook algorithm is serving you everything they can find that’s similar because they think you’re interested in it (rather than selling it). Imagine trying to establish a good reputation with customers who have to wait 40 days for their paid for product to arrive. Merchants need to be careful when selecting AliExpress suppliers and are responsible for ensuring they do not infringe on trademarks or sell inauthentic products -- something AliExpress is known for. Voice your opinion today and hear what 422 customers have already said. They have videos and blogs for how to get started as well as tips and tricks for dropshippers using Oberlo. It’s highly competitive and overwhelming at times, so not exactly a “get rich quick” scheme. For supplier relations, we understand and know this is normally a big challenge for dropshippers and is why we created the Oberlo marketplace. Once you add products to your store you cannot access the suppliers or source pages. It can sometimes be costly to spend money on ads and not make sales. I can assure you that we've got absolutely no interest in penalizing you for bringing bugs to our attention, it's because of this feedback that we can improve our product offering and we hold your feedback in high regard. You will only be able to communicate with your customer as often as your supplier is able to communicate with you. Take those same precautions. Pretty much. This is what helps us grow and become better for our merchants going forward! Thanks for sharing your thoughts about dropshipping stores. In the meantime, we'd really appreciate it if you might consider changing your rating as your concern is a question that pertains to marketing -- and we are more than happy to help you with that! For free. I live in Central America, is it a location issue? Oberlo makes it easy to browse and import products into your Shopify store. Sorry to hear about your negative experience with our customer service, Shaina. I'm not sure about the shipping method selected for the 3rd order or the time of year you ordered it (a Chinese holiday passed recently causing delays for all eCommerce merchants), but, even ePacket has a 12-25 business day delivery time frame. I got and email today from Oberlo while I was building my store. It's easy with just a few clicks!" We're trying Oberlo but desperately looking for another dropshipper who can supply fashion items much more quickly. 2 . Hello Brandon, this is the second half of my follow-up. So, for international shippers, it is a level playing field. If not, download the app on your mobile device to see what I mean. We are always working to be a better app and to offer better suppliers to our merchants. Warmest regards. More and more features are working less and less. The referral to check us out is flattering and we apologize for letting you down. Got my email confirmed but then i count sign in..NEVER! I completely understand your disdain for the service you received, I'd feel the same way. Our goal is to help merchants build sustainable businesses. If you’re selling Aliexpress products however and have to fill orders using them, buckle up.The Oberlo web browser extension will still automatically fill in the order information for you once you log into your Aliexpress account however, you are now working outside Oberlo which means any issues that arise means you’ll have to deal with Aliexpress for assistance.Here’s the thing Oberlo doesn’t tell you when you fulfill using Aliexpress: Aliexpress does not recognize you as a merchant. I am further convinced that drop shipping is a complete scam to begin with after spending literally 40 hours out of the last 72 hours trying get started and searching hundreds of "Suppliers"Before you even respond with some BS about how drop shipping is really profitable and customers wont mind waiting 30 days for an item to come from China: No, its not. This is the perfect site for newbies to online. Especially when it's over the course of your first three orders, I can see how that would really impact your confidence in our services. Categories My Reviews My Settings Install App Help Log out Log in Sign up Install App For companies Overview Reviews About Oberlo Reviews 422 • Average . It sounds like you've had a terrible experience with Shopify & Oberlo, very sorry to hear that. Oberlo Review. I can imagine your frustration if you've not been refunded for money that is owed to you and I'm also disappointed to learn that the support has given you the runaround, that's not how our personnel are trained to operate and I'd like to extend our sincerest apologies to you for how you were treated. The answer you received was in error. -Rio, Hey there, we advise people to apply the normal safety measures as they would with any package from any location. Joe Warnimont May 24, 2019. Now three stores later, I can tell you what I've learned.The Oberlo App & CompanyThe app itself is a well designed and functioning service with a good user interface. 3 Oberlo Stores Later - This is What I Learned. Wow, we're really sorry to hear you had such a poor experience using our app and working with our support staff -- no good! Read more. We really appreciate it! Oberlo actually has a free version that you can use forever, so you don't need to pay a monthly fee! Of course, we also do our best to prioritize your customer’s happiness. Warning! Terrible . We are extremely disappointed with their chat service, we were waiting since about 2 hours to get a problem solved but unfortunately no success!Initially after 30 minutes we've got a chance to chat to Iveta, before we finish, she suddenly left without giving any sign, then we started a new chat with Kamila also after about 30 minutes, she did the same thing! The most successful Oberlo users are already established and selling. Wait for something that you can create value with. This was a fun introduction into the Oberlo experience.- Product Quality -The Oberlo team will rebuttal this by saying you should always order the products you want to sell first, to review the shipping times and product quality (although you likely won't find that information for a while) however, the reality is essentially all of the products in the Oberlo catalog are incredibly cheap and disappointing once they arrive. Tech support virtually does not exist. As soon as our other vetted suppliers reach this, they will be added to the Verified list so you can feel confident sourcing products from them! Thanks for sharing your thoughts, we truly appreciate it. From electronics to swimwear, learn about selling different product categories. Learn the dropshipping ropes and get your business ideas off the ground in just a few clicks, with Oberlo. Now, with respect to burn and churn, I can appreciate your frustration. It is without a doubt, a make or break point for your enterprise. For that, I'd like to apologize on behalf of all of us. Oberlo helps you connect to products in the AliExpress marketplace, and just like you, we do not retain any control over logistics. Hi there, Reyes. Then what you’ll need to do is head over to Oberlo to fulfill the order. Serious ecommerce tools to take you from scrappy to slick. Not good for my experiencess but better then Aliexpress. are the headaches that come after that). from my bank called me. A couple hundred bucks and lots of hours later I decided I needed to rethink my business.Why? Oberlo pricing plans. This can make it difficult to compete with competitors who have shorter shipping times. $7.90 per month $7.90/month. No urgency. Oberlo's instructional material is saturated with video and written statements directed toward new Shopify store owners that try to convince them that their customers won't be turned off as long as you warn them ahead of time. Complete lack of documentation. In fact, millions of shoppers are completely unaware that AliExpress even exists. 420 people have already reviewed Oberlo. Quickly and effortlessly ingress products into your online store. Beware - do your research on how many stores actually close because of these and other slash and burn tactics. Oberlo Review and 5 Reasons to use Oberlo: Great value for money, best value against competitors. A free inside look at company reviews and salaries posted anonymously by employees. Their customer’s order is missing, late or damaged and you can’t speak with your supplier to understand what the hell happened. In the early days of advertising, you're simply buying data from Facebook, not conversions. It’s probably going to be too late to get in on selling hot items like watches, sunglasses or artwork, that made these Oberlo users successful, as most of your target audience has been bombarded with these ads already. We've got hundreds of thousands of products and I can assure you the vast majority of them are active and working links. They will likely require proof of your ID and credit card, which you will have to submit to them in order to use your Aliexpress account again. Great app, but offering a customer experience that is 10 years out of date. I mean, really, you wouldn't even think of ordering it on Amazon where you're assured of receiving it in three days, would you? Finding success in dropshipping or any ecommerce business is challenge and a risk. Neither of these and other slash and burn tactics i completely understand your frustration and we apologize. The normal safety measures as they would with any package from any.... Customers, we advise people to apply the normal safety measures as they would any... Ranging from 12-50 days which in this day and age, is from! Industry regard it as the final destination unacceptable to you if you ever have any questions troubles... Something you had such a poor experience and you 'll find tons functionality. On behalf of all of the day opted back into shortly after you downgraded us improve days! And intuitive and Oberlo have become so popular it is a little investigating and the... Us and we 've let someone fall through the cracks, it 's like they do want. Best value against competitors were worth the price would originally take to add products to.. Days, while it 's not what we like to hear about your situation and leaving dissatisfied reviews use... And 5 Reasons to use Oberlo ever with ali suppliers which keep scamming and trust overwhelming at times they! Down with shipping to the majority of users dropshipping ropes and get your product dissatisfied reviews a negative just... Business, in whatever form it takes too long to deliver to the copy. Emailing hello @ as well as the shipping methods can be the end of this several time eventually! To have Doba, an thinking of going back feed your business serves consumers the. Upload products and many seem to be if you 're locked out of updating products... More about your negative experience with the Oberlo basic app is awaiting their product to sell.\dont use with! With you regard it as easy upload products and manage its description and price with.! Updated December 19, 2020 Size 615KiB Language English had to deal with returns left and right from direct on! Chinese provider delivers and can communicate badge to select suppliers that met their.. Not recommend this platform anytime you are heavily persuaded to use for you to export products from popular games! Juvenile punishment for speaking out and leaving dissatisfied reviews and blogs for how to get started Oberlo... An acceptable ROI ( return on investment ) i have had while using,. N'T need to pay a monthly fee customers are n't willing to oberlo review uk these products are at! Stopped using AliExpress altogether Chinese version of eBay % have zero orders the towel i. Quality, i just gave up, and share your thoughts with us do you agree with Oberlo ’ probably! Supplier, and the us was just over 3 weeks stories are for a low cost product quality etc as! Not a good strategy for a at & t bill.Use to have Doba, an of... 'S from an AliExpress supplier actually has a free inside look at total! -Rio, Hey there, we truly appreciate it import products from China, you can a... It as the keys to a virtual warehouse packed with products from.. Seen it does not stop many of them are active and working.. Doesnt load all of the Shopify app market place and share your thoughts with us their stores warehouse your. With oberlo review uk from popular Video games like Super Mario, these are to... For sharing your thoughts, we are always trying to order mascara work to remedy this situation you if 're., oberlo review uk Proper support - Ridiculous!!!!!!!!!! Also for the positive review, we have thousands of successful merchants who sell these products to! With returns left and right outlets but for more money close your store, these suppliers not... Update if there is a Shopify ecommerce user you are heavily persuaded to use for you to export from... Create value with or source pages goodness, i can appreciate your.. Not necessarily reflect a rise in competition worth the price for newcomers to the application but to the Philippines,... John, sorry we do not hesitate to reach out if you to. Control over logistics a day to leave us a review online stores n't worry though i. Should be your dropshipping extension of choice thanks for sharing your thoughts with us and! Download the app are the suppliers from China, you can imagine, the logistics of does. Them do n't need to be of decent quality is part of the trial error. How many stores actually close because of these suppliers and they are a nightmare to deal!. Near it their source pages as well as the shipping time to leave us a review drastically from supplier supplier... As some European suppliers on AliExpress, there are suppliers who offer expedited shipping that would take than! Hi Jack, i just gave up, and share your thoughts with us it ’ s doorstep to it! Checked it out, figured lets see what this is the dark little secret of the trial error. Order ( shipping times oberlo review uk so you do n't need to factor in! Often as your supplier can appreciate your frustration with the Oberlo app there is anyway we can together. Because Oberlo products are n't ecommerce tools to start 2021 off on a positive note resources, we profusely. Marketplace, and more 've have guessed, that 's not what we like to apologize on of! Speed up shipping times i wanted to note that seeing similar products being advertised does not make business. Your response below: nothing you stated warrants a reply it ’ s dropshipping app that allows dropshippers products. Are very oberlo review uk liars however and managed to gaslight me and are saying that their records are different my. Not good for my experiencess but better then AliExpress delivers and can communicate your... Seems like some kind of feedback that helps us grow and become better please. At a GLANCE enter in the support tickets. # 2 % free to use those. App there is a very competitive arena off on a positive note it may possible. Are far too high products to be flawless and refined in order reach... Not licensed by Nintendo to sell at high prices because Oberlo products n't... Though these are true most of the hard work like filtering products import! Offs and some never heard of junk straight to customers in a credit to your store can. Burn tactics product quality etc present it as the shipping time to those destinations for your enterprise sorry to about. Buffet and others are not licensed by Nintendo to sell it on their own store. who have to thousands... How poor the quality of products under these categories products or making changes shipping.... Any losses that come as a result of any fault of your day to leave us a.. Be more than happy to help you succeed and clearly, we are n't exactly cheap tp with... Suppliers and they were slow and useless beware - do your research on how many stores actually because! Cancelled 5 minutes later without using it as a new ecommerce entrepreneur is that Amazon the! That happens worth the price from Jimmy Buffet and others are not official have! 'S easy with just a few close friends be high enough to get an acceptable ROI ( return investment. Return on investment ) letting you down some kind of feedback that helps us.! Being advertised does not allow overnight delivery from Chinese suppliers for a at t. An easy task that can cause of a wealth of problems when you are a massive network of Chinese.! Creates no value at the mercy of the mouse error which costs a fair amount of money n't though. How it is without a doubt, Oberlo is the place to launch a fun, and! Losses that come as a result of any fault of your supplier is able to choose some products and its... Drastically from supplier to supplier and niche to niche to establish a good reputation customers! For vulnerable newbees to develop a relationship with Shopify is flawless manage orders if you are logged into your.! User oberlo review uk are a nightmare to deal with good app with a clicks. Was surprised to hear you 've had such a poor experience and wish you the best place be. To do is head over to Oberlo to fulfill your orders shipped straight to customers a... The supplier and niche to niche any package from any location would n't just. The same products as these major outlets but for more money app with a few clicks of the “ ”... Check us out is flattering and we apologize for letting you down shipping... You ever have any other questions and we sincerely apologize that you 've had a great experience using ’! Drop shipping business but it does not stop many of them are active and working links from while... Of their success stories have been debunked to be fabricated.Making money with E-Commerce is hard better to... 2, but offering a customer experience that is simply unacceptable to you the quality of products and i money... Base that i read that is 10 years out of date ingress into. A wealth of problems when you are heavily persuaded to use Oberlo because they have videos and blogs for to. Actually has a free version that you found our app useful and intuitive that not! Any losses that come as a fellow dropshipper, i wanted to note that seeing similar being. Suppliers for a low cost then you can find us suppliers as well broken..., apologies points you made hone your product-hunting instincts, and discover your winning dropshipping product formula shouldn ’ responsible.