How to act in an investor meeting

The perfect outfit, pitch and presentation. Now, you have to think about how to act during the actual meeting. We have curated a list of important tips to remember during the meeting.

  1. Time is money: It is always better to keep the presentation short and sweet. The investor may give you 5 minutes or less to convince them about your product. Therefore keep your presentation short, concise and effective.
  2. Tell a Story : Studies have shown that storytelling is an effective way to capture and hold attention. Therefore, if possible, tell the story of your product. Be clear, have a purpose, rehearse it beforehand, and whatever you do.. never go off track and waste your time in long explanations.
  3. Be focused: An Investor meeting can be a stressful time and one can get caught up in trying to understand their reactions, or trying to calm ourselves down. But do not appear to be distracted, as it can come off as extremely disrespectful to the investor
  4. Unique Aspect:  It is important for you to convince the investor of the worth of your product. One way to help truly sell your idea is to highlight  and emphasise the unique aspects of your product
  5. Make ‘em rich: When approaching the investor, keep in mind that they are essentially interested in the financial aspects of the Startup. You need to have a well-structured budget. The investor only  cares about one thing ‘How will your product make me rich?’
  6. Audience : Have a well-researched description of your target audience use demographics to convince the investor that you have thoroughly researched your market and problem before working on your product. This shows that you know what you’re talking about, and will help convince the investor of the business that can be built through this product or service.
  7. Answer Everything: While you may think you are prepared for every question about your company, an investor meeting is not that simple. You should anticipate all kinds of questions and negative feedback.  It will be helpful when preparing to tear apart everything you say and have your justifications prepared beforehand. Get a friend or family member help you prepare. Also, remember if they are asking you questions, more often than not, it means they are interested

Maybe you read some guides about the investor meetings but forgot the advice during the meeting. We have an infographic with our go-to tips on acing that meeting. Print it out, read it, learn it and live it and we’re sure you will crush your investor meetings.

Have you been nailing your investor meetings? What strategies did you use that we didn’t mention in this guide?