How to dress for an investor meeting : women

Alexa Von Tobel, Pip Jameison, Divya Gugnani are not just any women. These are some of the greatest Startup founders of the 21st century. They have travelled the path you are on right now, and just like you, an important aspect of the Startup journey is the investor meetings… and their tips can help you stand out of the crowd! Funding is important, and to get that funding you need to impress the investor. Here are a few suggestions to help you prepare for the big day.

  1. Always be comfortable: Comfort is important, If you’re wearing something you are not used to,  your discomfort will be evident to the investor. This doesn’t however, mean you can walk into an interview in a hoodie and sandals.
  2. Block colours not roadblocks: Choose block colours over patterned. If you are unsure remember you can’t go wrong with creme, beige, navy and black.
  3. Keep It Simple & Stylish: Don’t go overboard with the jewellery stick to studs and a simple necklace. If your product is jewellery, however, wear it. Why would someone invest in your jewellery if you won’t wear it? You should avoid clunky bangles, try a simple bracelet and watch, it is recommended that you avoid rings.
  4. Chic nails not claws: Your nails shouldn’t be too long, if they are painted you should stick to sheer or pastel colours. Most importantly they should be clean and well-shaped.
  5. Back to Basics: Don’t forget the basics- brushed hair and ironed clothes.
  6. Let Your Hair Down: Remember, keep your hair down and pushed back.
  7. Consider the venue when approaching attire- if you’re meeting in an office go a more formal route, however, if you’re meeting at a coffee-shop then business casual is more appropriate.
  8. You should be strong not your fragrance: Wear subtle fragrances, it’s important to smell good but your fragrance should not overpower the senses.
  9. Put your best pump forward Wear slightly heeled shoes, but avoid sandals, flip-flops and high heels. Think pumps or ballerinas.

Being a woman in any industry is not easy, but the perfect outfit and the out collection of tips on how to nail that meeting will definitely give you that extra boost you need to crush that meeting. Do you have any tips on how to dress to impress the investor?  If so do tell us in the comments